Oldie but goldie... This is the home of Clavius and Beyond, a plug-in for Ambrosia Escape Velocity.

Clavius Escape Velocity

With EV Classic for Nova, you can play Escape Velocity running through the Nova engine on recent Mac OS X.
EV Classic Installation (Mac OSX)
First, download the following pack, containing EV Nova and EV Classic For Nova.
Unpack zip archive and:
  1. Install the included font Sillycon.ttf. This font is used for interface elements in Escape Velocity.
  2. Open EVNova 1.1.1.dmg, and place EV Nova.app in your Applications folder
  3. With OS El Capitan and later, launch novafix.pkg, this will patch EV Nova.app
  4. Unpack EV_Classic_for_Nova_1.1.1.zip, and place Escape Velocity.app in your Applications folder
  5. Launch Escape Velocity.app, this will complete the installation
  6. Remove any Nova plug-ins you have currently installed as they are unlikely to be compatible with the Escape Velocity scenario, and place unpacked new plug-ins in ~/Library/Application Support/EV Nova/EV Classic for Nova/Plug-Ins folder
  7. Launch /Applications/Escape Velocity.app to play.

If the installation succeeded, you should have something like:
Applications folder Applications Support folder
Applications folder Application Support folder

Pilots files will be created in ~/Library/Application Support/EV Nova/EV Classic for Nova/Pilots folder.
See included ReadMe text file for further informations.

Other installation packs can be found on r/Escape_Velocity reddit forum
Clavius downloads
Based on Clavius And Beyond 3.60 is based on 3.50 version, ported to EV Classic for Nova by Chris, with SpacePort software. It contains minor changes in order to look like the original 3.33 release best, and resources cleaning.
Clavius And Beyond should NOT be compatible with other plug-ins, so it’s highly recommended to remove any other plug-ins.
In the same way, it is strongly recommended to use a dedicated Pilot file to play plug-ins.

If first mission "Welcome to Clavius" is not available on any in-game Mission Computers, install included Clavius First Cleaning plug-in, and complete the special Computer missions.
Enjoy... hit hard and good luck!